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The multi-purpose hybrid laser S1 BLUE aims to improve dental surgery standards. The main and most important goal is that everyone can benefit from the latest technology. The 3-wavelength laser is ideal for the effective and comprehensive treatment of oral diseases.
980 nm (infrared) is a traditional infrared diode laser.
450 nm (blue) is the ideal wavelength for cutting soft tissues.
650 nm (red) is recognizable as the LLLT (photobiomodulation) effect.
The set includes a special head for temporomandibular joint therapy, a head for biostimulation and an arc head for whitening. The menu in Polish and 45 safe treatment protocols ensure the comfort of using the laser even by beginners. The laser is equipped with a capacious battery, thanks to which you can easily move it between the chairs in the office.
Examples of applications of the PIOON S1 BLUE laser:
  • disinfection of ENDO ducts
  • coagulation
  • Closed curettage
  • gum treatment
  • TMJ/TMD therapy (temporomandibular joint therapy)
  • disinfection of perio pockets
  • soft tissue surgery
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral cavity
  • Treatment of hypersensitivity
  • Whitening
  • biostimulation (LLLT)
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