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POLNET is a family business. It has been running its business for over 30 years.
POLNET offers comprehensive equipment for livestock buildings, comprehensive drying and storage facilities, as well as a wide range of veterinary products. 
Chronologically, the first branch of the company's activity was the sale of livestock building equipment. Initially, mainly feeding machines for animals were produced. Over the years, POLNET has successively developed its business by expanding its product portfolio. 
Currently, a dynamically developing department is veterinary medicine. This business profile focuses not only on equipping clinics and selling equipment, but also on the construction of entire medical and veterinary facilities. Another specialization of POLNET is the feed mixing department, and consequently the silo department.
Polnet Sp. z o.o. & Partners
Limited partnership
Sowia 13B
62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne
T: +48 61 657 67 00
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