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Apherical surface corrects deviations found in simpler, spherical lenses and thus helps to improve the field of view for diagnosis. Volk's dual aspherical magnifiers provide linear magnification for better overall imaging.
Ophthalmoscopic tubes with higher diopter power offer a wider field of view, as well as less magnification and best performance with small pupils.
Ophthalmic magnifying glasses with less diopter power have a narrower field of view and greater magnification and are not suitable for small pupils.
Magnifier direction
Ububle aspherical magnifiers are not always symmetrical. Depending on which side of the magnifying glass you look from, you get a different image. The "V" signs are like an arrow and point towards the patient. Some magnifying glasses have a silver frame on one side, which should always be directed towards the patient.
Im larger the eye, the less lens diopters:
Conom: 15 D
Dog: 20 D or 30 D
Cott: 20 D or 30 D
Such: 78 D
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