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The set is designed for therapy of large dogs and horses.

The set includes:
- Lumina VET XL Clinic generator
- AL64 - two-piece flat applicator  with mounting, 2 mT, Sizes: width 640 mm, length 590 mm, height 15 mm, weight 1.15 kg
- AL 135-2C-VET - 6-piece flat applicator with width and along the spine, with the function of separate inclusion of the left and right parts, 2 mT, Sizes: width 1450 mm, length 1800 mm, height 15 mm,  weight 6.2 kg
- AL 16-LUM local applicator with polarized light, 16 mT, Sizes: width 130 mm, length 165 mm, height 24 mm, weight 0.45 
- straps for attaching applicators
- power cable
Possibility to   buy other  flat applicators. local, solenoids
We offer leasing / installments 
Warranty: 24 months + 12 months on sale 
Service in Poland and the Czech Republic 
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Free veterinary consultation in the field of veterinary magnetotherapy Biomag Vet 



Frequency range 1-81 Hz

Frequency range 1-162 Hz

Program time hard-coded  by the manufacturer

Program time to be adjusted by the user.

Signal strength hard-coded.

Signal strength to be adjusted.

Individual programs - settings up to 8 programs.

Individual programs – settings  up to 65 programs.

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