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SMT-120VP uses microfluidic technology. A built-in intelligent quality control system ensures accurate and reliable test results. The analyzer is easy to use and small in size. It is an ideal diagnostic tool to help assess the health status of animals. SMT-120VP is the professional choice of veterinarians around the world. The analyzer connects to the XP Clinic.

Small Sample Quantity

Only 100ul of whole blood, plasma or serum. Suitable for blood tests of all animal species, including exotic animals.

Fast & Accurate

Result after 12 minutes. Built-in real-time quality control system to ensure test accuracy.

Minimal maintenance

Automatic calibration, stabilizing rotor ring.

Easy to use

There is no need to spin and add thinner, just add the sample, insert the disc and print the result.

Small & Portable

Lightweight and small in size, which will save space in the laboratory and allow you to examine patients on site.

One for all

It includes biochemical tests, coagulation, electrolytes, inflammatory markers, creating higher benefits for physicians at a low cost.

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