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The DS65 Welch Allyn blood pressure monitor (Silver line) combines an anti-shock measurement system with a traditional clock formula and a modern, unique design. Thanks to DuraShock technology, the blood pressure monitor maintains calibration longer than traditional pressure gauges, which guarantees increased reading accuracy.

  • Extremely durable, shock- and drop-resistant, the pressure gauge meets AAMI shock standards – withstands a drop to a hard surface from a height of 76 cm without requiring recalibration.
  • Equipped with a push-button drain valve for free-hand measurement
  • Optional interchangeable cuffs in different sizes
  • Easy and quick cuff change with FlexiPort
  • Highly accurate ±3 mmHg measurement – keeps calibration longer than traditional pressure gauges
  • 10-year clock calibration guarantee
  • Cheap to operate


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