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Precise osteosynthesis tool

As part of the osteosynthesis procedure, bones and bone fragments are fixed for mutual stabilization. This is usually done through plates, screws or screws. In some applications, such as stress-induced osteosynthesis, for example, it is recommended to place the wires as accurately, in parallel as possible, Nevertheless, it is difficult to do it yourself.

For this reason, EICKEMEYER® developed PinCube!

Druts can simply be fixed exactly in parallel
The unique spiral geometry of the holes allows surgical nails, even of different thickness, to be positioned at any distance
Useful use of nails, wires and threads in different diameters (0.6 – 2.0 mm)
Thanking to its very small dimensions, PinCube is an excellent tool especially in the field of small animal surgery (lateral length 35 mm)
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