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USP - fast PSP plate scanner

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  • Intraoral scanner supporting plates of sizes "0" (2x3cm - 3 pcs included), "1" (2x4cm), "2" (3x4cm - 3 pcs. in set) and "3" (3x5cm).

  • Image resolution up to 20pl/mm, scan time less than 10 seconds. The tiles are automatically erased so that they are ready for the next exposure.

  • The flexible imaging plates can perform up to 5,000 tests and are equipped with casings to reduce the risk of mechanical damage.

  • The large 10 cm touch display allows for easy operation and displays the resulting image immediately after the process is completed.

  • Compact size and weight of only 3.3kg allow you to place anywhere in the clinic.

  • In the promotion of 500 hygiene casings in size "0" and "2".

  • One scanner can support multiple stations as a central source of intraoral images. Integration with the EzDent database allows you to instantly view and process the photo on any cabinet network computer.

  • The scanner can store up to 500 photos in the internal memory.

  • EzDent software is extremely intuitive to use and has all the necessary tools for image processing, measurement and planning.

  • The Consultation tab allows you to present your own photos synchronously with 3D animations illustrating clinical situations and treatment methods. The database containing about 300 films is divided into categories and subcategories for easy search.

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