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They work with most oxygen concentrators, providing the ability to immediately administer oxygen to animals with respiratory disorders.

Venting prevents CO2 from accumulating inside the mask – CO2 is discharged from the mask through an orange vent with each exhale. This makes oxygen therapy safe and effective.

Masks in five sizes and shapes,  packed  in  a  plastic box,  2 hoses included  to connect to a 2 m oxygen concentrator.

Dimensions of the masks:

  • Width x height: 41.35 mm x 98.65 mm
  • Width x Height: 41.75 mm x 45.5 mm
  • Width x Height: 75.75 mm x 75.2 mm
  • Width x Height: 86.69 mm x 80 mm
  • Width x height: 115.97 mm x 110 mm
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