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As Cormay, we are the largest Polish manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic reagents for biochemical tests and peripheral blood counts. For more than 35 years, we have been supplying professional diagnostic kits to medical facilities around the world – in more than 150 countries.

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Mythic 18 VET: Innovative Hematology Analyzer

Complete blood count analysis is a key diagnostic test in veterinary medicine. With the Mythic 18 VET, the entry-level 3-DIFF hematology analyzer, it is possible to perform this test quickly and accurately without having to wait for external results. This automatic veterinary analyzer allows you to expand your clinic's diagnostic offering with a comprehensive assessment of your pet's blood parameters in just 60 seconds.

Precision and reliability of results

With Mythic 18 VET, you can get information on up to 18 parameters of the patient's blood - from erythrocyte count to haemoglobin concentration. This makes the diagnosis of haematopoietic diseases or the monitoring of therapy a much less time-consuming task. The automatic recognition function of the trivalent cell smear (3-DIFF) guarantees high precision of results and eliminates the risk of interpretation errors.

Efficiency and time savings

By using the Mythic 18 VET, you avoid delays due to standard laboratory procedures. Immediate availability of data enables rapid intervention in the event of an emergency or monitoring the progress of treatment in hospitalized patients. As a result, both medical staff and pet owners can enjoy the efficiency of the diagnostic process.

Advanced technologies for patient well-being

Mythic 18 VET uses state-of-the-art imaging analysis technologies and specialized algorithms to interpret haematology data. This ensures not only the speed of the device, but also the high quality of the results obtained. As a result, veterinarians can be sure that their patients are covered by comprehensive health monitoring with minimal administrative work.


  • Mythic 18 VET
  • Hematology Automated Veterinary Analyzer 3-DIFF.

Expand your veterinary diagnostics offering with a complete blood count (CBC) test, the results of which will be available on site in just 60 seconds. The test result provides information on 18 blood parameters of the test animal. Immediate test capability will save time and optimize the cost of laboratory testing. The analyzer requires only 1 pack of VET M-PACK reagent containing the correct proportion of 3 liquids to function properly.

  • Mythic 18 VET is the perfect combination of advanced technology and excellent quality haematology reagents, offering a comprehensive
  • veterinary diagnostics in your clinic.
  • Fully Automatic 3-DIFF Analyzer
  • Capacity up to 60 tests/1h
  • 18 hematological parameters
  • Sample volume <9.6 μl
  • Predefined species: dog, cat, horse, cattle and the ability to define your own.
  • Automatic Reagent Consumption Indicator
  • Printing Results
  • Intuitive and user-friendly programming in Polish


  • Convenient cyanide-free VET M-PACK reagent kit
  • One set of reagents allows you to perform an average of 30-120 tests depending on the mode of operation
  • Convenient Mythic 18 Vet M-Pack Cyanide-Free Reagent Kit
  • Diluent 2000ml
  • Cleaner 420ml
  • Lysing Reagent 70ml
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