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Biomag Vet magnetotherapy

Physical medicine at the cellular level

Biomag Vet is certified in veterinary medicine


The pulsed low-frequency magnetic field positively affects the biochemical and biophysical reactions that take place in cells and in the intercellular space. 

It improves  electrostatics and permeability of cell membranes and  maintains the efficiency of mitochondria, which can be compared to small power plants in the body. Under the influence of adverse factors such as   weakness of the body after exercise and illness, infections, inflammation, stress, mechanical damage to soft and hard tissues (wounds, breaks),   the functioning of these cellular structures is disturbed.  

The use of pulsed magnetic field therapy of low frequencies restores normal tone of the cytoplasmic membrane,  improves  the active and passive  transport  of nutrients and oxygen  inside the cells and excretes metabolic products and carbon dioxide outside the cell. Increased oxygen supply under the influence of an alternating magnetic field improves  the efficiency of processes occurring in the mitochondria -   the process of cellular respiration, the production of ATP (energy particles), cell specialization and growth, cell cycle control.


The range of indications for magnetotherapy of animals is very wide.  Thanks to appropriately selected frequency ranges and proportions  of electromagnetic wave shapes (sine wave, rectangle, triangle, needle),  you  achieve health effects – pain reduction, deep muscle relaxation, accelerated regeneration of the body during convalescence  and after exercise, acceleration of wound and fracture healing, qualitative improvement of tendon and  joint regeneration ,  slowing down degenerative processes, supporting the treatment of urinary and respiratory tract infections, improving intestinal peristalsis,  detoxification of the body.  

Biomag VET  magnetotherapy  is used  in sports animals  because it increases  their performance and efficiency and regenerates  tissues  immediately after exercise. The therapy can also be used prophylactically in the case of healthy animals and those overstimulated in order to calm down and calm down. Due to the few contraindications and great health benefits confirmed by many years of practice, the Biomag  VET magnetotherapy device is successfully used in veterinary clinics and offices, in zoophysiotherapy  services and in caregivers, animal owners. tags.  


Why Biomag Vet :

– medical/veterinary certified product

– class II A, i.e. a device operated by people from the medical and physiotherapeutic industry, and

also by animal owners and keepers

– training for equipment owners and people working with Biomag Vet sets

– free veterinary support and consultations

– clear operation of the device

- functional applicators adapted to pony and large horses and other pets

– several ways of arranging applicators on animals

– lightweight, portable sets

– easy cleaning and disinfection of applicators

- service in Poland and the Czech Republic

– warranty 24 months + in the promotion 12 months

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