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The latest design from KOWA, the SL-19 plus handheld slit light, impresses not only with its ergonomic shape and low weight, but also with its design. It has an integrated high-resolution camera, which makes recording video sequences child's play. With a simple movement of the hand, videos can be recorded during the examination, which are automatically transferred to the iPad via Wi-Fi. Special software allows for further processing and analysis. You can also extract high-resolution photos from these videos, which you can individually select, save and forward. This technique allows for optimal recording and analysis of tests.

        ·The record button can be operated with a simple hand movement

        ·Illumination and blue light illumination for fluorescence observation

        ·Backlight and slit light can be used at the same time

        ·One-handed adjustable backlight and blue light in three brightness levels

        ·Infinitely adjustable gap length (1.5 – 12 mm)

        ·B-barrier filter for observations with fluorescein in blue light, attached with filter tape



        ·Magnification: 10x

        ·Working distance: approx. 100 mm

        ·Effective field of view: Ø 15 mm at 10x magnification

        ·Spot size: Ø 1, Ø 5, Ø 12 mm (gap length infinitely adjustable from 1.5 – 12 mm)

        ·Light intensity: 200 – 20,000 lux (infinitely adjustable)

        ·Distance adjustment range: 55 to 72 mm

        ·Diopter range: -8 to +5 D

        ·Camera field of view: Approx. 27 to 15 mm

        ·Effective pixels: Approx. 2 megapixels

        ·Wireless LAN interface (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n)

        ·White LED slit light as light source

        ·Background light: White and blue LED in 3 stage circuit, can be used separately from slit light

        ·Power supply: 3 AA Ni-MH batteries or rechargeable batteries (DC 3.0 - 4.8 V), power consumption up to 6 VA

        ·The indicator flashes orange when the battery is low

        ·Camera indicator shows camera status

        ·Operating time: Approx. 8.5 hours with the device turned off and disconnected from iPad after each use, approx. 3.5 hours at full power without disconnecting from iPad

        ·Dimensions (mm): D 197 x W 107 x H 255

        ·Weight (without battery): 730g



scope of delivery: SL-19 plus, Barrier Filter B and Filter Bands (iPad and batteries not included)

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