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THE TONOLABtonometer is ideal for simple and accurate measurement of intraocular pressure in rodents thanks to two special presets for rats and mice. It measures on the basis of a patented reflection method by which intraocular pressure (IOP) can be measured accurately, quickly and without local anesthesia. The measurement is well tolerated by the patient, as it is barely noticed.
Fast, painless measurement without anesthesia
High accuracy
Calibration is not necessary
Technical data
Measurement range: 7-60 mmHg
Depstructibility (coefficient of variation): <8%
Play accuracy: 1 mmHg
Display unit: Millimeters of mercury (mmHg)
Power: 4 AA batteries that are not rechargeable,
Dimensions (mm): W:13-32xH: 45-80xL: 230
Weight: 155 g (without batteries), 250 g (including 4 AA batteries)
Delivery: TONOLAB tonometer, 4 AA batteries, 100 pcs. Disposable encoders, IOP notebook, measuring cartridge cleaning container, replaceable container with replaceable measuring cartridge, protective cover for measuring insert, table stand, silicone case, carrying strap, quick guide, USB stick with user manual, warranty certificate, Aluminum housing
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