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Exigo - when quality counts!

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Exigo H400 is a world-class veterinary haematology analyzer that presents a sample of animal blood in the form of very accurate and easy-to-interpret results.

Solid and reliable measuring system with unique features such as: microcapillary - MPA adapter, built-in agitator, no daily maintenance procedures.


Modern technologies - when quality counts

In addition to the widely recognized reliability and accuracy of earlier Exigo models, the new Exigo H400 has a number of technologically advanced solutions, for example a high-resolution touch screen, user-friendly and significantly improved communication. The camera has more efficient software with practical improvements, such as memory extended to 50,000 results.

When quality counts, the Exigo H400 continues to be a world leader in its class.


Advanced 4-part WBC differentiation

Exigo H400 provides reliable 19-parameter analysis results.

The method of measuring eosinophils is based on reagent differentiation of white blood cells. This is a high-quality method of measuring one of the most difficult parameters to determine.


12 pre-installed animal profli

High quality reagent, 4-piece WBC differential for dog, cat and horse, and 3-piece WBC differentiation mechanism for cattle, ferret, rabbit, sheep, rat, mouse, pig, alpaca and goat.

Cannot to defniate your own animal profli.


Excellent to very small blood volumes

May amounts of blood from small pets are not a problem for the user.

Adapter MPA microcaplars provide a reliable result with only 20 μL of blood - without any preparation, without pre-dilution and without mixing. All you have to do is take the sample to a dedicated microcapalar, insert it into the adapter and the whole into the analyzer. After a minute, we will get the full result of the blood count.


Production 53 markups/hour
Feer capacity - sample size 6 pcs.
Touch display Yes
External width 295 mm
External height 395 mm
External depth 475 mm
Mass 18 kg
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