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Telinject G.U.T.50

GUT50 Gas applicator for universal remote injection of animals

The GUT50 applicator is the result of many years of improvement.

Based on improved technology and more than 30 years of practical experience in the field of wildlife immobilization, TELEINJECT has developed a new device that surpasses all others. The GUT 50 has no equivalent in terms of application variety, precision, ease of use and ease of maintenance.

The purpose and use of a modern remote injection device is no longer limited to immobilizing animals. Liquefied gas applicators are used to administer medicines such as antibiotics, vitamins and antiparasitic agents (red agents) and their possibilities are not exhausted. They make it possible to vaccinate entire herds and collect tissues for research.

Animals that are immobilized usually run away until the anesthetic drug takes effect, after which it is difficult to find them. The addition of a radio transmitter on the syringe allows easy and quick locating of animals using a suitable radio receiver.

The replaceable barrel, designed for large quantities of dispensed medicines, allows the device to be used for very sensitive animals with thin skin and even birds. The use of this device made it possible to save the lives of many injured storks.

By increasing the shot pressure, it is possible to increase the shooting range for large animals (such as elephants or rhinos) up to 70 m.
However, it is important to indicate that the optimal distance for animal-friendly remote injection (depending on the size of the animal) should be in the range of 5 to 50m.

Smooth pressure regulation facilitates the most pet-friendly application of the applicator. The built-in pressure gauge facilitates the correct pressure settings in relation to the distance at which the target animal is located. This pressure is created by a CO2 cartridge built into the handle or foot pump feeding air.

The lock loading system ensures fast loading of the syringe.
Aiming is carried out through an adjustable rear sight, which is sufficient for almost all applications.

The standard mount for the optical viewfinder assembly allows the professional user to use other optical sights if  necessary.

The G.U.T.50 applicator from TELINJECT has passed the fire test over many years of use in the most extreme conditions in many places around the world, including the tundras of Alaska, the tropics of Zaire and the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

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