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Versatile gas applicator model

The Distinject Model 50N [GWV] gas applicator is a versatile model that is perfect for any situation. With it, you will be able to safely catch all species of animals. This applicator is used all over the world and is very popular due to its effectiveness.

Shooting range up to 50 meters

One of the most important features of this applicator is its impressive shot range - up to 50 meters! Thanks to this, you will be able to reach hard-to-reach places and carry out animal trapping effectively. You no longer have to worry about the limitations of a short range - the Distinject Model 50N [GWV] will allow you to operate effectively even in a large space.

Quick Pressure Adjustment

This gas applicator is equipped with a quick pressure adjustment function, which allows you to precisely adjust it to your needs. You can easily adjust the power of the shot depending on the specific situation, which makes your job much easier and more effective. Whether you need a gentle action or a stronger impact - the Distinject Model 50N [GWV] will meet your expectations.

Universally applicable

The Distinject Model 50N [GWV] gas applicator is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It has a barrel reduction for syringes with a diameter of 11 mm and a dedicated barrel for syringes with a diameter of 13 mm. This allows you to use different types of syringes depending on your preferences and needs. No matter what kind of animals you want to catch - this applicator will be the perfect tool for the job.


Distinject Gas Applicator Model 50

11/13 mm syringes, range 50 meters

A versatile gas applicator model for all situations, allowing you to shoot at 50 meters. Used all over the world for the safe trapping of all animal species.

  • Energy 9.2 J
  • Quick pressure regulation up to 50m
  • It has a barrel reduction for 11 mm syringes and a barrel for 13 mm syringes
  • Versatile: accepts commercially available 11 mm and 13 mm syringes


Length 118 cm

Weight 2.6 kg

Chamber capacity 105 ml

Caliber 11 and 13 mm

Range 50 m


Basic equipment of the applicator:

  • 13 mm secured metal barrel, length 75 cm, with sight, for 13 mm syringes

  • 11 mm reduction barrel, length 76.5 cm, for 11 mm syringes

  • Prismatic rail for mounting additional precision sights
  • Chamber with Safety-Lock system for quick and safe syringe assembly
  • Sight with rear sight for greater accuracy, removable
  • Pressure gauge in the field of view during aiming
  • Attachment for 16g CO2 cartridges with 8g reduction

Applicator supplied with a full standard set of 13mm accessories:

  • 4x Speedy 3.5 ml nylon automatic syringe with 30mm needle
  • 1x 3 ml aluminium syringe barrel
  • 1x 5 ml aluminium syringe barrel
  • 2x rubber plungers for aluminum syringes
  • 1pack (10pcs) injection capsules for aluminum syringes 1-5ml
  • 2x pen stabilizer
  • 2x barbed needle 2.5 x 28 mm
  • 2x needle with flange 2.5 x 28 mm
  • 2x Training Needles
  • 1x PVC bushing for lubrication
  • 1x Silicone Grease
  • 1pack (10pcs) of 8g CO2 cartridges
  • 1 pack of spare gaskets
  • 1x ABS case
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