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Distinject Model 50 gas applicator
Syringes 11/13 mm, range 50 meters

Versatile gas applicator model for all situations, allowing shooting at 50 meters. Used worldwide for safe trapping of all animal species.

  • Energy 9.2 J
  • Fast pressure regulation up to 50m
  • It has a barrel reduction for 11 mm syringes and a barrel for 13 mm syringes
  • Versatile: accepts commercially available 11mm and 13mm syringes

Length 118 cm

Weight 2.6 kg

Chamber volume 105 ml

Caliber: 11 and 13 mm

Range 50 m

Basic equipment of the applicator:

  • 13 mm secured metal barrel, length 75 cm, with sight, for 13 mm syringes

  • 11 mm reduction barrel, length 76.5 cm, for 11 mm syringes

  • Prismatic rail for mounting additional precision sights
  • Chamber with Safety-Lock system quick and safe syringe installation
  • Sight with rear sight for greater accuracy, removable
  • Pressure gauge in the field of view during aiming
  • CO2 cartridge attachment 16g with reduction to 8g
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