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ENBIO S veterinary autoclave (former STEAM JET)

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New Model 2023 - LED Light 

The ENBIO S autoclave is a small steam sterilizer class B, which guarantees the highest level of safety thanks to the use of the highest technology. Steam sterilization is currently the most commonly used method of sterilizing instruments. It is believed to be the fastest, most reliable, economical and ecological method of sterilization.

New Model 2023: The patented technology used in the new model allows the sterilization chamber to heat up faster and more evenly, resulting in shorter cycles and a more robust and durable construction.

When you buy an Enbio S autoclave, you will receive the Enbio Magic Filter for FREE: it is a product that will change the work of your office forever. Thanks to its innovative technology based on ion exchange resin, it enables the reuse of used water in subsequent sterilization processes. Magic Filter follows the idea of "less waste" and also makes you do not have to worry about constantly changing water bottles. It is a product that respects your time and money while supporting our environment. Lifespan: about 400L. 



Contents of the Enbio S set

- ENBIO sterilizer

- Technical passport

- Water and condensate connection hoses - HEPA filter


- TÜV certificate

- ENBIO S certificate

- Device validation report

- USB flash drive ** Pendrive is the carrier of all sterilization reports made on a given device. In addition, it contains the full version of the instruction manual, warranty conditions and CE certificate. 



It fits into any interior thanks to its compact size (25 x 16 x 56 cm). At the same time, it can accommodate all tools, whether packed or sterilized in bulk. It allows sterilization of up to 8 packages during one cycle.



Casual conversation with a working Enbio autoclave? Or maybe a cup of coffee? No problem! It is so quiet that you can relax with it (49 dB).


Fast and effective

Why do something for an hour when you can do it in 7 minutes? Enbio is the fastest autoclave on the market. And by the way, it is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. 


Intuitive and easy to use

No programming or login. To get started, just plug it in. Starting the process is just 2 clicks.


Award-winning design

Enbio S is the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards


Specifications - Enbio S 





Maximum current consumption

15 amps

Working pressure

2.1 Bar

Maximum pressure

2.3 Bar


15 kg

Maximum process temperature


Process chamber volume


Process chamber dimensions

292 x 192 x 45mm

External dimensions of the device

561 x 252 x 162mm



How data is archived

USB disk



Compare device programs

7 min FAST

15 mins

30 mins





Process temperature




Sterilization time

3.5 min

4 mins

15 mins

Drying time


3 mins

5 mins

Number of pre-vacuums




 Type of input

Unpackaged only

Packaged and unpackaged

Packaged and unpackaged


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