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As Cormay, we are the largest Polish manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic reagents for biochemical tests and peripheral blood counts. For more than 35 years, we have been supplying professional diagnostic kits to medical facilities around the world – in more than 150 countries.

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State-of-the-art measuring technology

The Celercare V5 Chemistry Analyzer (CRM) is equipped with the latest technology solutions that enable fast and precise biochemical analysis. Thanks to the use of microfluidic technology and spectrophotometry, test results are available in just a few minutes. This makes the diagnostic process not only effective, but also efficient, which significantly optimizes the work of medical laboratories.

Wide range of research panels

With a choice of chemistry panels and electrolyte measurement, the Celercare V5 Analyzer (CRM) provides comprehensive diagnostic support. Tests can be performed in serum, plasma and whole blood, with minimal material consumption of only 100 μl. A wide range of panels allows you to tailor the tests to the individual needs of the patient and the specialist requirements of the attending physician.

Efficient handling and handling

The Celercare V5 Chemistry Analyzer (CRM) is not only characterized by modern measurement technology, but also by its compactness and ease of use. Automatic calibration and quality control make the use of the device intuitive even for less experienced users. In addition, its small size allows it to be easily moved between workstations or even between medical facilities.

Advanced features and user interface

Celercare V5 (CRM) is not only about precision and efficiency of examinations - it is also about advanced functions supporting the work of medical staff. A modern graphical interface makes it easy to navigate through the device menu and present test results in a clear way. The reference range has been carefully selected to meet the requirements of a wide range of patient groups, from children to seniors.


  • Test result available in minutes
  • A wide range of biochemistry panels and electrolyte measurement.
  • Test in serum, plasma, or whole blood with as little as 100 μl of material.
  • Automated measurement using microfluidic and spectrophotometric measurement technology.
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Automatic calibration and quality control
  • Modern interface
  • Reference ranges for 12 animal species.
  • Reagents sold in the form of convenient rotors – you decide what set of tests you perform in the clinic:
  • General Panel (16): TP, ALB, GLOB*, ALB/GLOB*, TBIL, ALT, ALP, CK, AMY, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, Ca2+, P, CHOL, GLU
  • General Panel Plus: TP, ALB, GLO, ALB/GLO, ALT, ALP, TBIL, CRE, BUN, BUN/CRE, AMY, GLU, CHOL, Ca, P, Na+, K+, Na+/K+, TBA
  • Pre-Anesthetic Panel (8): TP, ALT, ALP, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, GLU, ALB
  • Pre-anesthetic panel PLUS (11): TP, ALT, AST, ALP, CK, LDH, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, GLU, AST/ALT
  • Hepatorenal panel (13): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, TBIL, ALT, AST, GGT, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, GLU, AST/ALT
  • Liver Panel (12): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, TBIL, DBIL, IBIL*, ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, TBA
  • Kidney Panel (9): ALB, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, CO2, K+, Ca2+, P, UA
  • Electrolytes (8): CO2, Na+, K+, Na+/K+*, Ca2+, P, Mg2+, Cl-
  • Critical Panel (10): ALT, BUN, CRE, BUN/CRE*, CO2, Na+, K+, Na+/K+*, Cl-, GLU
  • Large Animals Panel (12): TP, ALB, GLOB*, ALB/GLOB*, AST, GGT, ALP, CK, BUN, Ca2+, P, Mg2+
  • Birds/reptiles panel: TP, ALB, GLO, ALB/GLO, AST, TBA, UA, CK, GLU, K+, Na+, Na+/K+, Cl-, Ca2+, P
  • Ammonia Panel (1): NH3
  • Diabetic panel: GLU, FRU, TG, CHOL
  • Pancreatic Panel: TP, ALB, GLO, ALB/GLO, AMY, LPS, GLU, Ca2+
  • Panel blood gases: CRE, BUN, BUN/CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, Na+/K+, Cl-, Ca2+, tCO2, LAC, Ph
  • Comprehensive panel (24):  TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, ALT, AST, AST/ALT*, GGT, ALP, TBIL, TBA, CRE, BUN, BUN/CRE*, CK, AMY, GLU, TG, CHOL, Ca, P, CaxP*, Mg, tCO2.
  • Celercare V5 Multifunctional Chemistry Analyzer
  • Biochemical diagnostics play a key role in monitoring the health of patients, allowing for a quick and precise assessment of their body condition. One of the most important tests in biochemical diagnostics is the liver panel, which provides vital information about the functioning of this important organ. The veterinarian's arsenal of diagnostic tools includes a modern solution – the Celercare V5 multifunctional biochemistry analyzer, which provides significant support in diagnosing and monitoring liver diseases.

 Liver Panel

  • Liver Panel Ingredients:
  • BUN (Serum Urea Nitrogen) test – helps to assess whether the liver is properly processing the nitrogenous metabolite of urea.
  • TBIL (Total Bilirubin in a Blood Test) – allows you to assess the function of the liver in the context of bilirubin processing, which is important in the case of liver disease.

The liver panel provides information on the health of this vital organ and helps diagnose liver diseases such as cirrhosis, viral hepatitis or fatty liver disease. The results of the liver panel are extremely important for physicians in the process of diagnosis and treatment planning.


What is the Celercare V5 Multifunctional Chemistry Analyzer?

  • The Celercare V5 is an advanced chemistry analyzer that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. Thanks to its versatility, it can be effectively used in various fields of medicine. This device is extremely precise and reliable, which makes it a valued tool in biochemical research.
  • Celercare V5 is an excellent tool for performing liver panel tests. With the analyzer's advanced features, such as measurement accuracy and speed, veterinarians can get test results in a short period of time, allowing them to make quick diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.
  • The Celercare V5 Analyzer delivers extremely precise results. Users can rest assured that they are receiving accurate information about their patients' health, enabling effective treatment and monitoring.
  • Celercare V5 is used in various fields of medicine, enabling a variety of biochemical tests to be performed.


LPS – Endotoxin

  • LPS (lipopolysaccharide) is a type of endotoxin associated with inflammatory processes and disease states. LPS-related tests are important in the diagnosis of various diseases.
  • The Celercare V5 Multifunctional Analyzer can also be used in LPS endotoxin research . Thanks to its advanced functions and measurement accuracy, it enables accurate sample analysis related to the presence of LPS.
  • LPS endotoxin can cause inflammatory reactions in the body, so a thorough examination is important in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions caused by it.


Order Celercare V5

  • Cormay is a leader in providing high-quality diagnostic tools to laboratories and veterinary clinics. Our offer includes not only Celercare V5, but also many other innovative solutions that help veterinarians in their daily work.

We encourage you to explore our extensive product catalog and join the ranks of professionals who use our tools to provide the best care for your pets. Together, we can make veterinary diagnostics even more precise and effective. Get to know our offer and join Cormay – a partner you can rely on.

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