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Bactericidal lamp NBV 2x30 S is a model for ceiling mounting. It effectively deactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and all other microorganisms. It is designed for rooms such as: patient rooms, doctors' offices, treatment rooms, operating rooms. The reliability of the functioning of bactericidal lamps is confirmed by research.



  • Supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 75 VA
  • UV-C emitting element: 2x30 W
  • UV-C radiation intensity at 1m: 3.6 W/m
  • Radiator lifetime: 8000 h 
  • Disinfected area: 18-22 m2
  • Lamp rotation (adjustable angle of exposure): 230° 
  • Protection class lieutenant: I 
  • Housing Type: IP 20
  • Type of work: continuous
  • Dome dimensions: 925 x 85 x 145 mm
  • Dome weight: 5 kg
  • Boom length: 500 mm
  • Without timer
  • Installation for electrical installation - no cable with 230V plug
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