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Cryotherapy/ Cold therapy

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BTL Cryotherapy uses the action of cold air, the temperature of which is to -32°C. Air is applied directly to the skin, resulting in deeper penetration and better effectiveness of therapy compared to home cold treatments, such as ice packs, baths or cooling sprays. The use of BTL Cryotherapy does not require operating costs.

• 1200 l/min airflow
• 9 levels of air intensity
• Touch screen 2.8"


Temperature to -32°C

1200 l/min air flow

9 air levels

2.8"touch screen

Modern look

Thim action

Mobile and easy to use



Screen: 2.8" touchscreen

Airflow: 350 – 1200 l/min

Air temperature: up to -32°C

Dimensions: 930 x 300 x 400

Weight: 53 kg

Power: 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz/115 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Standard accessories: treatment hose with tips: Ø5, Ø10, Ø15 mm 

Additional accessories: angle nozzle, glass table top, treatment arm

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