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Advanced technology

A wide selection of point and shower laser probes

Light and portable

Basic properties

• 4.3"color touchscreen

• Ready-made therapeutic programs and encyclopedia of therapy

• Battery*

• Table*

• Compatibility with spot and shower probes

• Ability to connect two laser probes simultaneously

• Wide selection of red, infrared, and combined probes

• Continuous and impulse therapy

• Automatic conversion of therapy parameters

• Point laser probes:*


  - Divergent, 685nm, 30mW

  - Divergent, 685nm, 50mW



  - Coinciden, 830nm, 100mW

  - Coinciden, 830nm, 200mW

  - Coinciden, 830nm, 300mW

  - Coinciden, 830nm, 400mW

• Shower laser probes:*

  Red R - 4x50mW/685nm, 13x16mW/470nm (blue light). Total laser power 200mW.

  IR infrared - 4x200mW/830nm, 13x16mW/470nm (blue light). Total laser power 800mW.

  Infrared IR - 4x325mW/830nm, 13x16mW/470nm (blue light). Total laser power 1300mW.

  Combined IR+R - 4x50mW/685nm, 4x200mW/830nm, 13x16mW/470nm (blue light). Total laser power 1000mW.

  Combined IR+R - 4x50mW/685nm, 4x325mW/830nm, 13x16mW/470nm (blue light). Total laser power 1500mW.

* option

Technical parameters

Ekran   4.3"

color touchscreen

Dimensions         380 × 190 × 260 mm

Weight   max. 3 kg

Power          100–240 V/AC, 50–60 Hz

Number of simultaneously pluggable probes         2

Work mode       continuous and pulse

Dawka  0.1–100 J/cm2

Frequency  0–10,000 Hz

Span style<="mso-tab-count: 1;" >        0.1–100 cm2

Filling factor       35%–100%

Brato class     3B

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