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BTL-6000 HIL POWER 10 W Robotic High Energy Laser 10W

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High Energy Laser (HIL POWER) is a robotic thermoscatter laser that is the most extensive high-energy laser on the market, with the ability to work independently with a laser probe or maintenance-free application for with the help of the Scanning System with built-in thermal imaging camera, temperature sensor and distance control. High-energy laser covers a wide range of clinical indications from injuries and inflammation through degenerative changes in the joints. 


• Power up to 10W

• Wavelength 1064 nm

• Adjustable tissue penetration depth

• Ready-made protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia

• Color touch screen



Depherp tissue penetration using power up to 10 W

Maximational therapeutic effects using a wavelength of 1064 nm


Impulse laser work for immediate pain reduction

Precise application in the treatment area

Automatic parameter conversion

Adultical system with spot size adjustment in the range of 10-30 mm

Regulating parameters during laser probe therapy

Continue, multi-level power control

PHOTO protocols

Navigation anatomical atlas

Auto-laser probe autoalibration

Expandable with Robotic Scanning System with built-in thermal imaging camera, temperature sensor, distance sensor and thermal perception scan



Operating mode: continuous, pulse, triangular, superpulse

Protocol count: 61

Safety features: safety switch, door switch

Dimensions: 320 x 190 x 280

Member weight: 8 kg

Power: 230 V/50-60 Hz, 115 V/50-60 Hz

Laser class: IV

Hardware protection class: IIB


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