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Vacuvet 23 B+ is ideal for demanding sterilization processes. At the same time, it is characterized by short programming time and various documentation possibilities.
Sterilized material ready for quick reuse.
Short sterilization times ensure fast reuse of instruments.
Very accurate sterilization
Separate steam generator ensures constant pressure and constant temperature.
Security comes first
Thanks to this Class B vacuum autoclave, you will guarantee your patients complete safety and confidence in their treatments.
Cost and time savings
The large capacity of the device saves time and tools can be reused faster.
Optimal drying results
Strored sterilization times and condensate reduction due to automatic preheating
Asupply to fill, integrated water tank
Connectivity to water treatment plant
Expanded safety device such as automatic door lock in case of overpressure in the boiler
Internal memory up to 40 program cycles, enables accurate documentation
With tray holder (3 trays included)
"Made in Germany" quality
Technical data
5 sterilization programs (including prion program)
Comricular volume: 23 l, depth 45 cm, diameter 25 cm
4 l water tank, sufficient for seven cycles
5 kg for instruments and 1.8 kg for textiles
2100W Power Consumption
Imstern dimensions (cm): W: 42.5 x H 49 x D 74
Weight: 50 kg
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