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AUCTUS magnifiers are modern treatment magnifiers with precise magnification, large field of view and light weight. They can be successfully used during most treatments in veterinary clinics. They will also work well during dental procedures. 
Magnifiers are equipped with a three-hinge system, thanks to which the doctor's working position is always correct and ergonomic, which is necessary, especially during long procedures. An additional stabilizing strap increases the comfort of work and the certainty of fixing magnifiers on the head.

Features of Auctus magnifiers:
1. Three levels of adjustment
3. Stabilizing strap
4. Color variants
5. Can mount LED lighting
6. Auctus Design Collection.

Basic data:
1. Available magnifications: 2.5x; 3.0x; 3.5x
2. Focal length available: 34cm; 42cm; 46cm; 50cm
3. Tilting magnifiers: yes
4. Lighting installation: yes - optional
5. Warranty: 12 months.
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