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The eKuore stethoscope combines many useful functions - both in diagnostics and in science.

The device via wifi binds to a smartphone or tablet. After installing the free application "eKuore Vet" we have the opportunity to record the listened sounds in the form of a phonogram and save them in memory on the smartphone. Thanks to this, at any time, in very good quality, we can listen to a given record of the patient's examination by connecting headphones to the phone. This possibility is invaluable in more complicated cases in the veterinary office. It will improve our communication with the client - the recorded sound can be presented to the caregiver for a better illustration of the problem. It also speeds up consultation with a specialist – just send the saved phonogram to him, and thanks to the application he can easily listen to it and analyze it.


The eKuore stethoscope also has the option to work without additional devices, just connect headphones directly to it.


The device has three listening modes. The first two, like a standard stethoscope, are the so-called funnel mode – facilitating auscultation of the heart, and membranes – auscultation of the lungs. The third is a mixed mode.


Download the free "eKuore Vet" app and enjoy all the benefits of a modern stethoscope!



Possibilities of use:

  •  Records and visualizes listened to audio
  •  It allows for more precise diagnosis of the patient
  •  assessment of treatment progress - allows you to objectively compare the patient's condition in different periods
  •  Fast transfer to a specialist thanks to the possibility of sharing and uploading phonograms
  •  interaction with clients - listening together and explaining the diagnosis to the caregiver
  •  For lecturers and trainers: increases group participation, improving their understanding of the patient's condition
  •  possible use with ordinary headphones, without the need to use WiFi (recording in this case impossible)


The set includes:

  •  stethoscope
  •  replaceable stainless steel head
  •  In-ear headphones
  •  charging cable (plugged into any 5V smartphone charger)


  •  Compatible with iOS/Android
  •  Maximum charger voltage: 5V
  •  Charging time: 2h
  •  A fully charged battery lasts for 7 hours of continuous operation using WiFi and for 10 hours of continuous operation without the use of WiFi
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