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Atellar cruciate ligament tear is still one of the most common orthopedic diseases in dogs. The path of many surgical methods and techniques developed for this purpose has run from external and intra-articular methods to modern orthopedic methods. With the development of new materials of medical technology, it is now possible to simply and correctly replace the cruciate ligament, without changing the forces acting in the joint, as has happened with other methods.

The main classical techniques such as TPLO or TTA used in orthopedics are quite invasive and create an irreversible situation in changing the biomechanics of the joint. Zlig is the product of long-term work, initiated by the Frenchman Dr. Jacques-Phillipe Laboureau. It is a synthetic tape used to replace the articular ligament by the intracapsular method. Together with the EICKEMEYER® instrument set and the Zlig tape, there is the possibility of quick and effective replacement of the cruciate ligament.


Zlig is made of polyethylene with a very high molecular weight, the peculiar feature of which is that the woven structure of the intrastaw implant is interspersed with "free fibers". "Free fibers" improve the product's resistance to fatigue and guarantee better binding of fi broblasts and collagen with the implant. Each implant is sterilely packed, it also has a sleeve that protects against any contact and helps to manipulate the implant, keeping it perfectly clean until it is placed in the joint. The length of the Zlig tapes is determined intraoperatively compared to the natural length of the ligament.

We have a large selection of tapes with different resistances and fiber lengths for different patient sizes.

Operational techniques Zlig

Zlig – reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (intracapsular method): "tunnel – tunnel" with anchoring / fixing of the band in the femur and tibia using titanium interference screws.

Leg technology can be a good alternative for all orthopedic surgeons because:

It is repeatable and easy to apply,
It is less invasive than known osteotomy techniques,
The reconstructed ligament runs in a natural place,
The end is fully loadable after the operation.
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