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fully digital X-ray machine with Flat-Panel system

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Advanced functions

»              Completely integrated digital X-ray system

»            Exposure an image in just a few seconds

»           Higher image quality and grayscale dynamics

»            129 anatomical programs

»             Flexibility with maximum freedom in X-ray dose

»            4-sided movable table top with electronic brake

»            Integrated X-ray and detector control (imaging software)

»             Installation in one day

Scale technical parameters

• Advanced detector technology: Amorphous silicon

• Scintillator: Csl

• Active area: 17×17" (45x43 cm)

• Pixel spacing: 127 μm

• A/D conversion: 16 bits/pixel

• Spatial resolution: 3.9 lp/mm

• Dimensions: 460 x 460 x 15.5 mm

• Weight: 4.0 kg

X-WET MAXI DR with flat panel system

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