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BRAND NEW HKFW-1 liquid heater


  • lightweight, compact,
  • temperature range 30-42 degrees Celsius, adjustable every 1 or 0.1 degrees
  • accuracy <= +/- 1 degree Celsius
  • has double heating for TWO INFUSION SETS,
  • Recommended diameter of the infusion set: 3.2 mm - 4.5 mm
  • FAST HEATING (3-5 minutes until the set temperature is reached),
  • works with standard infusion sets,
  • color LCD display,
  • ALARMS with too high or too low temperature,
  • automatic power cut-off when the fluid overheats,
  • possible installation on a stand (handle) or tape,
  • handle hidden in the housing for easy storage,
  • cable powered,
  • weight 550g,
  • optional - fall sensor




Part No:
Weight : 550g
AC Power  
LCD Display: Yes
Temperature Range: 30 - 42°C
Warm-up time: 3-5mins
Heating: 2 sets
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