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New improved gPet Plus veterinary glucose meter


Advantages of the new model: 

 - improved tests with FAD-GDH enzyme

 - smaller blood sample size of only 0.7 Âμl 

 - results in 5 seconds

 - wider HCT range 20-60% 

 - ejecting a strip test

 - in preparation, the possibility of expanding with Bluetooth connectivity and voice command function


Additional features:

 - calibrated especially for cats, dogs and horses

 - accurate results

 - large LCD screen

 - range 1.1 - 33.3 mmol / l

 - memory of 500 results


Includes 10pcs strip tests, lancet lancet, control fluid and more. 

Additional strip tests available in packs of 25 pcs. Part No. WD0064A 

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