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Quick and handy diagnostics of electrolytes, blood gas and key blood parameters.

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The epoc veterinary blood analyzer is a small, fast and wireless device for testing an animal's blood sample in all conditions – in the office, in the field, on a home visit. It is possible to examine 18 biochemical parameters in just 3 minutes, including blood gas and electrolytes.

Measuring the level of sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, chloride, glucose, urea, creatinine, lactate, hematocrit, haemoglobin, and extensive blood gas values – pH, CO2 partial pressure, total CO2 content in plasma, partial pressure of oxygen, bicarbonate, deficiency or excess of bases in the blood and extracellular fluid, haemoglobin oxygen saturation, K+ anion gap.

Key features:

  • 92μl of blood sample is enough to complete or on heparin
  •  typical veterinary device – calibrated for animal species – dog, cat and horse
  •  result in just 3 minutes
  •  measured parameters: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, CI-, Ca++, Glu, Lac, Hct, BUN, creatinine, TCO2
  •  calculated values: cHCO3, BE (ecf), BE (b), sO2, cHgb, AGap
  •  easy and intuitive operation via touch panel
  •  stores up to 2000 results in memory
  •  It can connect wirelessly to a computer in the clinic and save patient data and results there
  •  Optional Bluetooth printer – immediate printing of results for caregivers

The operation is very simple, all you need to do is insert a whole blood or a sample with heparin into the marked place on the card with a syringe after inserting and auto-calibrating the test card.

EPOC Support - VIDEO

Supplied without test cards! For proper use, you need to buy: EPOC test cards

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