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As Cormay, we are the largest Polish manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic reagents for biochemical tests and peripheral blood counts. For more than 35 years, we have been supplying professional diagnostic kits to medical facilities around the world – in more than 150 countries.

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Vacuum Blood Collection System: Innovative Technology for Precise Results

In today's medical world, precision and effectiveness are crucial. That is why we present you an innovative solution - the Vacutest Vacuum Blood Collection System (CRM). This advanced system makes it possible to collect small volumes of blood, which is extremely important in medical diagnostics. Thanks to the ability to collect microtubes with capacities from 250ul to 800ul and standard 1ml and 2ml tubes, doctors can be sure that the obtained samples will be suitable for the analysis of biochemical parameters, coagulation system, blood counts or hormone concentrations.

Efficiency & Safety: Guarantee of Efficient Material Picking

The colour code of the tube stopper is another advantage of this advanced system. Thanks to it, it is possible to easily visually identify individual blood samples. This convenience makes the research process more effective and safe for the patient and medical staff. The closed nature of the system ensures full containment during sampling, eliminating the risk of contamination or loss of biological material.

Advanced Technology for Medical Professionals

The Vacutest Vacuum Blood Collection System (CRM) is a proposal dedicated to professionals in the medical industry. Thanks to the latest technological achievements, this system guarantees not only the precision of laboratory test results, but also the comfort of work for health care personnel. The robust construction of the tubes and their ergonomic design make the use of the Vacuum Blood Collection System a pleasure even during intensive diagnostic work.

Reliable Diagnostic Results with Vacutest Vacuum System (CRM)

Regardless of the type of laboratory test performed or the required sample volume - the Vacutest Vacuum Blood Collection System (CRM) meets all expectations regarding the reliability of diagnostic results. The quality of the materials used in the production of this system guarantees consistent sample parameters throughout the entire storage and transport period. Combined with the professional approach of the users, this ensures comprehensive patient care at every stage of the diagnostic procedure.


  • The vacuum blood collection system is:
  • Possibility of collecting small volume of blood (microtubes: 250ul, 500ul, 800ul, standard tubes: 1ml, 2ml)
  • The tubes are designed for material collection and analysis of biochemical parameters, coagulation system, blood counts and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, determination of hormones.
  • Colour code of the tube stopper for easy visual identification
  • The KIMA VACUTEST closed vacuum blood collection system consists of three components to ensure safe and sterile sample collection conditions:
  • Double-bladed needle
  • handle
  • sterile tube with calibrated volume
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