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  • New image sensors available in two resolution ranges - 17pl/mm for EzSensor C, and over 22pl/mm for EzSensor HD.

  • Available 3 active surface sizes - 1.0 small, 1.5 universal and large 2.0

  • EzSensor systems have a particularly favorable SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of over 37dB. As a result, a particularly clear, crystalline image is obtained.

  • VATECH radiography has a wide range of exposure tolerances, maintaining extremely high contrast dynamics and constant blackness. At the same time, the graininess of the image is kept at a low level.

  • The standard range of the cable is 2.7m, but it can be increased to over 10m. The length of the cable does not affect the image quality.

  • The optimal size of the active surface in combination with the rounded corners guarantee, on the one hand, the coverage of all desired anatomical structures, and on the other hand, high patient comfort.

  • The aluminum housing inside the sensor additionally protects it against accidental damage and strengthens the connection with the cable. The cable itself also has a special element that protects it from kinking.

  • EzDent software is extremely intuitive to use and has all the necessary tools for image processing, measurement and planning. The unique consultation module consists of hundreds of 3D animations illustrating the patient's case.

  • Basic warranty of 24 months can be extended to 5 years

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