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Doppler VET BP with 8MHz Linear Probe, Gel, Headphones and Charger

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Portable, compact veterinary Doppler VET BP for easy testing of vascular pressure and blood flow and auscultation of small animals. High-quality sound.

The camera is very easy to use, has a battery power that allows for several days of operation and a built-in speaker that turns off automatically when the headphones are plugged in.

VET BP in combination with a precise manual blood pressure monitor allows for early detection of hypertension. The acoustic flow signal makes it possible to monitor the heart rate in anesthetized animals. The device can also be combined with a transesophageal probe for use in intubated animals.

The set includes: VET BP doppler with 8MHz linear probe, gel, headphones and charger.

All in a practical suitcase!

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