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  • Ultralight veterinary X-ray camera for photos with new generation EzRay Air Vatech lamp [WOE]

semiconductor X-ray tube in Carbon Nano Tube technology precise focus 0.4mm, ultra-light head Digital Gyroscopic Protractor Automatic exposure selection intuitive control panel on the head with 0.25Pb protective apron

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Key features:


  • Equipped with a compact high-frequency generator, it provides a significant dose reduction for both the patient and the dispersed room.
  • A precise focus of just 0.4mm increases image sharpness and resolution, regardless of whether the receiver is a film or a digital system.
  • The unique head suspension system allows for smooth rotation in any plane without resistance, even up to a completely vertical position. The weight of the head is only 2.4kg, and the whole system is about 14kg.
  • The control unit has preset times for all tooth groups, accessible via a large, easy-to-use knob.
  • Unique system of automatic time selection depending on the angle of the head. When using standard positioning techniques, it significantly speeds up the work.
  • Various horizontal arm lengths are available for optimal ergonomics with an effective reach of up to 200cm. An optional wireless trigger increases installation flexibility.
  • Stable and robust scissor arm system allows for many years of trouble-free operation. At the same time, the change of the position of the head occurs slightly, and after its setting there are no vibrations.   
  • Basic warranty 24 months, can be extended to 5 years
  • The portable version can be equipped with a tripod mounting kit and remote triggering to increase the protection of personnel.
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