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Designed with high expectations in mind

NNO G65 is designed with high customer expectations in mind to deliver the highest image quality in an affordable premium class. To achieve this goal, we provide all users with an ideal model that inherits advanced image processing technologies and intelligent solutions from the VLucid platform that will provide excellent image quality, advanced intellectual tools (AI) and an efficient workflow for a wide range of applications

»           With its high-performance hardware architecture, the G65 delivers outstanding image quality with great clarity, excellent consistency and excellent penetration

»            Higher resolution

»             Advanced sensitivity  shoreflow.

»           Luminous flow. Innovative color flow technology that enhances blood flow visualization and provides the impression of three-dimensional flow display

Advanced functions

»            Contrast image

»            Automatic Measurement of Arterial Stiffness (AMAS)

»             Representation image

»            Histerosalpingography (HSG)

»            Sweigh view

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