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Universal. Portable. Extra light

VINNO A5 VET is a versatile portable ultrasound machine designed for small and large animals.

Created using an innovative RF ultrasound imaging platform that provides the highest quality examination. This unique platform is able to process multiple data streams simultaneously. The combination of contemporary design with excellent production quality makes the VINNO A5 VET a high-end portable ultrasound scanner, and a compact design and a lightweight, adjustable stroller  fitting small spaces.

Standard system equipment:

»           15.6- inch high-resolution flat panel display

»           Innovative RF platform for excellent image quality

»           Assaitable to carry thanks to the integrated handle

»           Performing touch panel  aimed at simplifying workflow and customizable  to individual needs

»           Completely independent, triple-multiple mode of operation for easier Doppler procedure

»           2 heads supports

»           Diday practice for dogs, cats and horses

»           Aissy removable head holder

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