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Stripe reader to urine

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  • Semi-auto, compact
  • Automatically begin after placing the bar
  • Up to 45 (max 120) tests per hour
  • Memory up to 2.000 results
  • The external thermal printer/Bluetooth (optional)
  • High quality mark
  • Used: from 2 to 10 parameters
  • The possibility of plugging the attached to NOV/HIS
  • Display: 4.3 inch touch screen LCD
  • The possibility of battery power
  • Menu in Polish language
  • Dimensions: 188 x 74 x 77 mm
  • Interface: USB
  • Weight: 0.430 kg



Mode of operation: semi-automatic
Capacity: 45 marks per hour.
Number of results: remembered 2000 PCs.
USB Port: Yes
External width 770 mm
External height 740 mm
External depth 1880 mm
Weight 0.43 kg


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