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The Tomahawk ACP46 telescopic model is a smooth adjustment of the gripper length in the range of 122 - 183 cm.

Robust and lightweight construction made of hardened aluminum. Tames used to rescue and capture both domestic and wild animals. Successfully used in taming dogs and reptiles. They have a long and durable handle, automatic locking mechanism, quick release knob and a safe loop. The big advantage of the scrapers in this series is the fact that all their parts are interchangeable. The telescopic model is ideal for long range or in a folded version for taming in harsh conditions.
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Adjustable size: 122cm - 183cm
  • Aluminium Deluxe Design
An even longer telescopic version is also available: the Tomahawk ACP72 with length adjustment in the range of 213 - 366 cm.
For taming, we recommend a handle that allows you to rebuild to type Y
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