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The Symbol : G1
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- Large and clear LCD display

- Simple programming and easy operation

- Possibility of mounting the pump in sets of all companies (standard IV) - the ability to set the handle vertically and horizontally

- Precise control of the infusion rate and the volume  administered.

- Infusion history preview (Ability to transfer data to computer)

- Extensive alarm system

- Dual-processor system for infusion safety

- Water resistance - IPX3 standard


Delivery rate range: 5ml syringe: 0.1-150ml/h, 10ml syringe: 0.1-300ml/h, 20ml syringe: 0.1-600ml/h, 30ml syringe: 0.1-900ml/h, 50ml syringe    : 0.1-1500ml/h
Syringes used: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml/60ml - any manufacturer  
Feed accuracy : +/- 2%

Visual and audible alarms: empty, inimpending completion of the infusion process, occlusion, no AC power, wrong syringe, low battery, battery drained. Vulnerability.
Safety class: CF type
Size: 300×130×125 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg

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