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Superstar DM-6B Anaesthesia Apparatus with Ventilator

Modern Device for Veterinary Anaesthesia

The Superstar DM-6B anaesthesia machine with a ventilator is an advanced device designed specifically for inhalation anaesthesia in veterinary medicine. Offered by a renowned manufacturer with 23 years of experience, it offers safety, ease of use, and mobility thanks to its design on four self-locking wheels. The DM-6B device allows for full control of the depth of anesthesia in patients weighing up to 200 kg.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Three Ventilation Modes: IPPV, A/C, SIMV for comprehensive anesthesia care.
  • Large TFT LCD Screen: The 7-inch screen displays breathing parameters and alarms for easy navigation and monitoring.
  • Precise Oxygen Flow: Oxygen flow from 0 to 5 l/min with rotometer flow meter for accurate control.
  • Wide Tidal Volume Range: From 0.20ml to 1500ml, suitable for different patient sizes.
  • Respiratory Rate: Adjustable from 1 bpm to 100 bpm.
  • Safe Thermal Evaporator: Self-closing function for safe filling and narcosis.
  • Built-in pressure gauges: Control of the pressure inside the circuit and the oxygen supplied.
  • Backup Power: Built-in backup battery ensures uninterrupted operation in case of emergencies.
  • Various Evaporator Options: Vaporizers for isoflurane, enflurane and sevoflurane available.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: DM-6B Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
  • Type: Veterinary Anesthesia Machine With Ventilator
  • Manufacturer: China Superstar
  • Interface: 7" TFT LCD screen
  • Oxygen flow: 0 - 5 l/min
  • Tidal Volume (Vt): 0.20 ml - 1500 ml
  • Respiratory Rate: 1 bpm ~ 100 bpm
  • Evaporator: Thermal with self-closing function
  • Pressure Gauges: Built-in
  • Backup Power: Built-in backup battery
  • Vaporizers Available: Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane
  • Dimensions: Length 68.58 cm, Width 66.04 cm, Height 138.43 cm
  • Weight: 12.27 kg

The Superstar DM-6B ventilator is the ideal solution for professional veterinary practices, offering advanced features, safety and reliability.

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