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SCORE® Ergo Support Chair was developed specifically for ophthalmologists. It allows you to sit healthy and comfortably and provides reliable support during long static operation.
A special feature of the SCORE® Ergo Support chair are ergonomically contoured armrests. They can be brought closer to the body, so they provide optimal support for the forearms. Adjusting the height of the armrests allows you to sit straight at a microscope or other precise instrument. Ergo support helps you maintain a relaxed posture and increases the feeling of relief in your neck, shoulders and back.
Adily adjustable height, seat and backrest angle
SCORE® Ergo Shape seat with rounded corners provides an active sitting position
Compact lumbar support can be easily adjusted
Fortimple aluminum base with large wheels makes it easy to maneuver the chair
Technical data
Height adjustment (with foot control): 52-71 cm
Work height: 80-90 cm
Base dimensions: Ø 40 cm
Lumbar support (cm): W 33 x H 23
Creass foot dimensions: Ø 68 cm
Excaps (compact triangular shape): 115° rotation, height adjustable: max. 11 cm
Armrest screen (cm): W 15 x D 40 cm (pendulum)
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