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EickTron 4.0 is a versatile veterinary radiosurgical device with an operating frequency of 600 KHz – 4.0 MHz. Power can be conveniently adjusted via a foot or manual switch. A digital power output display and microprocessor-controlled monitoring of operating functions ensure absolute reliability and ease of use. The connection of the neutral electrode is constantly monitored for safety.


Surgical devices are a minimally invasive form of electrosurgery because they operate at much higher frequencies than electrosurgical devices - here with a frequency of up to 4.0 MHz! Due to the high frequency, less power can be used, which causes much less thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.


Including with:

Hand with finger switch and connection cable

Set of electrodes (10 pieces)

2 needle electrodes

2 knife electrodes

2 ball electrodes

Neutral electrode

Neutral electrode

Rectal electrode

Foot switch

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