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Haematological diagnostics in the clinic - quality of the reference laboratory and immediate results.

- 5DIFF (differentiation of 5 leukocyte lines)
- Reticulocytes
- Determination of rod neutrophils
- Result in 2 minutes

- Analysis of body fluids

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Rod-shaped neutrophils
Inflammatory process - Rod-shaped neutrophils are noted on the result if they are detected in the sample. Their presence is the best indicator of the inflammatory process.

Nucleated erythrocytes (nRBCs)

Bone marrow failure/excessive erythrocyte production - Nucleated erythrocytes are noted on the result if they are detected in the sample. Their presence indicates bone marrow insufficiency or excessive production of erythrocytes.
Abdominal/chest fluid test*

26 blood morphotic elements*

RBC (erythrocytes)            

HCT (hematocrit)

HGB (hemoglobin)

RETIC (% &  #) (reticulocytes)

MCV (Mean Erythrocyte Volume)

RDW (Erythrocyte Span/Volume Distribution)

MCH (mean hemoglobin mass in erythrocyte)

MCHC (mean erythrocyte haemoglobin)            

PLT (thrombocytes)

MPV (Mean Plate Volume)

PDW (Platelet Anisocytosis Index)

PCT (platelet hematocrit)

WBC (leukocytes)

Monocytes(% and #)

Lymphocytes (% and #)

Neutrophils (% and #)

Eosinophils (% and #)

Basophils (% and #)

Rod-shaped neutrophils

nRBCs (nuclear erythrocytes)

Conducting the study
1. Enter the species of the animal to be tested.
2. Place the sample in the ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer.
3. Press the Run button and go to your own activities.

That's it! The results are ready in 2 minutes. You can perform the test and discuss the result during the patient's visit to the office.

Innovative technology for better haematological diagnostics.
The ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer combines three innovative technologies to ensure consistent, comprehensive and reliable blood counts.

Laser Flow Cytometry
With laser flow cytometry, we can differentiate five leukocyte lines (5 DIFFs). The ProCyte Dx analyzer  performs a complete assessment of each type of leukocyte.

With this technology, using special fluorescent markers, it is possible to accurately measure the number of reticulocytes.  The analyzer distinguishes between platelets and erythrocytes of similar size, which is particularly important when measuring the number of reticulocytes, especially in cats. 

The cells are stained and the laser beam of light is dyed with a diameter of 633 nm examines each cell from different angles. In order to study the cells precisely, they are observed at a wavelength corresponding to strong fluorescence. In this case, a wavelength of ≥ 660 nm (shown in blue in the illustration) is used.

Impedance laminar flow
Impedance laminar flow is the fastest and most accurate erythrocyte counting technology. Each cell is examined separately and is subject to individual analysis.

- Width: 32 cm

- Depth: 41.3 cm
- Height: 40.03 cm
- Weight: approx. 25 kg

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