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  • PocketChem UA PU-4010 Urine Analyzer [CRT]

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  • Urine Strip Analyzer
  • means 10 basic parameters and the ratio of protein to creatinine in 1.5 minutes
  • compact palm size
  • detachable printer
  • possibility of working on 2 AA batteries
  • Repeatable and accurate results
  • the smallest in its class – 180g
  • quick measurement – about 60 seconds
  • simple operation – just insert the test strip and press START
  • easy to maintain – daily cleaning of only the removable belt handle
  • elimination of the influence of urine color and ambient temperature on the measurement result
  • accurate examination of the specific gravity by correcting it for pH
  • Reliable results of the creatinine test regardless of sample size and its dilution or concentration




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