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productive for veterinary medicine

Monitored parameters

  • ECG - electrocardiogram; heart rhythm measurement, ST segment analysis
  • Resp - respiration; respiratory rate and breathing
  • SpO2 - saturation of arterial blood with oxygen, additionally determination of pulse (PR)
  • Temp - 1 temperature sensor
  • NIBP -  systolic (SYS), diastolic (DIA) and mean (MEAN) pressure measurement

Set contains:

  • set of 5 electrodes (RA, LA, LL, RL, V)
  • temper
  • sensor for arterial blood saturation
  • deved system-loaded accumulator (11.1V, 24Wh, 2200mAh)
  • inboard printer for 48mm thermal paper

Technical parameters:

  • a compact and ergonomic design
  • sized 30x30x15 cm, weight 5 kg
  • a choice of animals: large, medium, small
  • network and battery power
  • display: 12.1 inch LCD display, ultra-high resolution color provides optimal visualization of patient data
  • sonic and visual alarm state indication
  • individual setting of alarms for individual parameters
  • memorition up to 96 hours of measurement recording
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