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  • The HEINE NT 300 automatically charges Heine batteries regardless of their state of charge or their output voltage.   The recharging battery cannot be reloaded, using a suitable adapter it is possible to charge all rechargeable mounts: BETA L, BETA SLIM and laryngoscopic rechargeable holders in the same NT 300 charger.   Two independent loading chambers. Complete functionality for one or two handles at the same time.   Charch-charging function: 2 hours to charge the BETA L rechargeable mount with Li-Ion L rechargeable battery or 4 hours for other rechargeable holders.   Automatic charging process, regardless of the state of charge of the battery, ensuring a long battery life   Charge protection; Charger turns off automatically when the battery is fully charged   Charge indicator: Constant light means that charging is complete   Pulvering light indicates charging     Dimensions: 61 x 142 mm  

  • Weight: 830 g
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