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The OrthoVet TPLO condenser saw is an oscillating saw designed for minor surgical procedures on small animals, enabling precise cutting in tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO).
Ergonomically handy handle design allows for strong yet low vibrations, as well as a fast and precise semicircular cut through the tibia head.
This guarantees an efficient motor that can be smoothly adjusted to 16,000 oscillations per minute.
The OrthoVet TPLO accumulator saw is equipped with a triangular standard connector. Saw blades (not included in the scope of delivery) are stably fixed by simply fixing them with an L-shaped hexagonal wrench and a pressure screw.
Maximum power at low vibration
Strength (90 watts)
Ergonomic shape and easy to use
Deggageless speed control
I reliable and durable NiMH battery
Technical data
Frequent speed control: 0-16,000 0sc./min.
Operating voltage: 9.6 VDC
Backload: 1.2 Ah
Back type: NiMH
Typical charging time (battery discharge): max. 180 min
Protection degree Protection against electric shock: B
Stope protection Protection: IPX4
Time noise emission, no load: approx. 75 dB (A)
Dimensions (mm): L 290 x Ø 55
Weight (including battery): 1360 g
Delivery: handle, 2 batteries, charger, funnel, carrying case
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