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Ideal device for veterinary osteosynthesis.
OrthoVet PRO is a battery-powered osteosynthesis system
theratinary used in small animal operations. System
adjust consists of a handle and four snap-ins that can be used
interoperative change in seconds with a quick coupler
Manufacturer, quick-release handle and Jacobs handle are
canniferous. This allows for a precise input
canned screws and drills with long guides.
Aciling saw has five times adjustable variable mounting
saw and allows the surgeon an optimized field view
operational. AO quick-range drill chuck completes
system and makes OrthoVet PRO a real
Candle and snap-ins can be sterilized in an autoclave.
Lay-ion accumulator is not autoclavable.
 4 caps: Jacobs chuck, quick change chuck
AO, quick-release chuck for Kirschner drill wire,
excilation saw
4 blades of different sizes included for free
2 batteries with charger, autoclave sterilization case
Technical data
Frequently adjustable speed: 0 – 1200 rpm
Excising cut speed: 0 – 1500 osc/min
Battery type: Li-Ion
Charging time: 180 min
Bair weight: 933 g
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