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Excellent aspherical optics with LED HQ lighting - now with a spot shutter (MicroSpot).
Uniquefiable dustproof design protects precise optics and allows service-free use.
The optical components are mounted flat in an aluminum frame, thereby preventing it from sliding and making the instrument impact-resistant.
THE HEINE® BETA® 200 S LED walloscope has LEDs with virtually unlimited lifespan (up to 100,000 hours), does not require lamp replacement.
LED in HQ - the new standard in LED lighting provides absolutely homogeneous and bright light with faithful color rendering, for precise diagnosis.
Dequential brightness adjustment from 100% - 3%
Rekoss disk with 28 single lenses ranging from -36 D to +38 D, which prevents higher refractive deviations.
7 aperture: slit, fixation star with polar coordinates, blue filter, large circle, center circle, microSpot section, semicircle
Optimal fit for any study environment and improved patient comfort by avoiding glare effects
Precise one-handed operation of the instrument.
The full functionality of the HEINE® BETA® 200 S LED is guaranteed with the latest HEINE® BETA® charging handles and HEINE® EN 100 / EN 200 rack
5 years warranty.
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