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Sterile operating field during surgery - less postoperative wound infection
We present you the occupancy to the operating field during the operation - Ioban ™
Ioban ™ antibacterial coatings are designed to reduce the risk of postoperative wound infections. They are applied to the patient's skin at the site of the incision in order to create a sterile operating field and induce an antibacterial effect during surgery. Ioban ™ is an iodine-impregnated, self-adhesive incision film that forms a barrier and has an antibacterial spectrum.
Adhesion and antibacterial effect
Antibacterial sheets - 3M ™ Ioban ™ 2 adhere reliably to the skin, reducing the risk of peeling off the sheet. Removal of the film can lead to a six-fold increase in postoperative wound infections. The iodophore-impregnated adhesive in the Ioban ™ cutting film offers a wide, consistently effective spectrum of antibacterial activity up to the edge of the film and reduces the risk of wound infection.
Effective bacterial barrier
It creates a barrier and reduces the risk of bacterial transfer to the operating wound
Ensures constant contact with the patient's skin - even when using rinsing fluids
Provides a consistently broad spectrum of antibacterial activity up to the edge of the wound
Adhe adheres well to the skin to prevent the film from loosening and the antiseptic from washing off
The deformable film adapts to the contours of the body and allows manipulation of the limbs
Expiratory and latex-free notch film
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